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Social Organization of Disabled People of Republic of
Bashkortostan created the Centre of Health Improvement and
Rehabilitation of Disabled People “Preobrazhenie”.
The non- profit organization uniting disabled people who live in
the territory of Republic Bashkortostan, helps on social - legal
questions, realizes its programmes in the interests of disabled
people (blind/ deaf-people, invalids, disabled children / women),
cooperates with all organizations protecting the interests of
disabled people.
The website is intended for those who need help and for those
who are able to help. Here you can tell  about your troubles,
find advice and adherents.
And if your financial position is safe enough, and your vital
principals are not alien to conceptions of kindness and blessing
you may enter into the number of our Sponsors and
We shall accept any help with gratitude and we shall use it
especially on target purpose. All necessary financial documents
for your reporting will be immediately given.
You may immediately help using web-money.
Our purses for
WME   E553313106453
WMR  R698365276069
WMZ   Z834583751145
Money will be used to  disabled people.
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